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AquaSnap is a cognitive fitness game powered by MyCognition. Train your brain by immersing yourself in the world of underwater photography.
• Dive deep into the seas with over 60hrs of gameplay.
• Become the ultimate Dive Master with over 500 fish to capture on camera.
• Enhance your working memory, processing speed, & attention.
• Personalised loops designed for you, powered by the MyCQ assessment.
AquaSnap is to be played with the use of MyCognition. If you already have an account with MyCognition, dive straight in. If not, you'll need to complete the MyCQ assessment that accurately assesses your brain in less than 15-minutes.
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MyCognition is a science-based company dedicated to understanding and improving cognitive fitness. We research, develop and create products that measure and enhance cognitive function for use in personal wellbeing, education, business and healthcare sectors.
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