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The meaning of the language of fasting
The imposition of Ramadan - the evidence - the book - year - consensus
Ramadan launch it - and the dispute
Derived Ramadan
Recommendation to pray at the sighting of the moon
Supplication at the advent of the month of Ramadan
Every sane adult Muslim Ramadan
Should not be on the infidel - in the sense that it does not address doing
If those who cringe at during the day
Should not be mad at Ramadan
Are spent and if the prospects of Ramadan
If rolled Ramadaans in the event of madness - Will spent
If the nuclei of fasting and Jeanne in some day, does invalidate his fast
From his mind still without mad - Should it fast? And when his fast valid
If fainted all day, is his fast valid
The rule of Mbenja was drunk or drinking or drug still his mind
If all day Nam is his fast valid
Has epilepsy, is attached to his mother Palmjnon it Bamomy
Should the boy fasting
Should the guardian to fast before the boy Discrimination
Fasting should not be only on Qadir
If it has become obligatory in the people during the day, such as to deliver the infidel or wake up crazy or a boy .. Should it constipation and eliminate or not
Of deliberately broke his fast does he have constipation
If the survival of the night to eat believed then show him the day - Is holding and serving
If the boy became fasting then stood in during the day, you should eliminate it
From still excuse in during the day, Kalhaid cleansed, and Breakfaster traveler offers, you must constipation
If he knows or thinks it most likely that it offers during the day. Should Swap intention of that night
If there is a reason mushrooms in during the day - it's fast break
If he travels during the day, do you break the fast or clutching his day
It is the traveler to break his fast by having intercourse
Positive for the fasting of Ramadan, one of three things
Complete several Shaaban, General sighting of the moon to see, that converts between us and informed of clouds or skimp night thirtieth
Either there is a blocker prevents or not to view it
There was no reason why it is the day of doubt
If there is a mind - Is Issam? Is the so-called Day doubt
He said no evidence of that day Issam
Evidence of people said was followed by the Sultan
Evidence of said fast that day
Effects from his companions in the prohibition on fasting the day of doubt
Who said fast on the clouds
Sayers answered fast on the clouds on the conversations that appear in the completion of several Shaaban Bjawaban
Interpretation, to carry conversations in complete several Shaaban
On whether GM crescent moon of Ramadan and Shawwal
What he answered by Sayers fast on the clouds - who said he was the day of doubt about his fast Terminator
Carry on conversations in fasting and Undesirableness passport and carry on conversations fungus is not obligatory
You Should Swap and faith and set? The novels
Swap-intentioned and should set
If on a mosque in the clouds - Does he have to pay Atonement
If shall fasting resulted in all the provisions of fasting
To differentiate between clouds and other fasting
Do you pray Taraweeh to Altiz night clouds
If that alliance Crescent under the clouds or he had not seen Will unkept
If commented divorce his wives, and freeing his slaves to enter the month of Ramadan or it was replaced by the religion of the month of Ramadan or rented a house and the like month of Shaaban Is divorce, and aged slave and solve the debt and lease period expires If the day is cloudy? The two faces
Sentences between people according to prove the necessity of fasting
Is Issam clouds judgment day of Ramadan or definitely? The two faces
If he has to fast saw Crescent alone and received his testimony
If vowed to fast Rajab or Shaaban Vgm ole? It should the fasting that day
If you saw the Crescent alone and received his testimony - does he have to fast
If he does not have the fast saw Crescent alone and received his testimony
If Crescent saw in a position where there is no other - does he have to fast



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