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Most of youngsters in India fight lifelong struggle of reducing and maintaining weight. We go to gym, attend aerobics classes, stretch ourselves at Yoga and Pilates studio but fail to eat properly. We work out for 1 hour in a day, but what is more important is what we eat during the rest of 23 hours. We fail to follow a diet due to various reasons like no access to diet food at times, diet food is not tasty, diet food is expensive, same meals everyday.
Fitness Meals deliver calorie counted healthy meals to the people looking to stay fit, reduce fat or gain muscle. Macro details for each food items are available. Mix & Match various meals and make your own customized diet plan.
Fitness Meals comes with a solution for all people who wants lean body, who wants to look fab, who wants to reduce the pace of aging and lifestyle diseases, with very reasonable rate. accesses your daily calorie and diet requirement based on your activity level and other physical criteria and provides a paltform to prepare customized diet plans. But ahem, it does not stop here, it delivers you, your planned diet food at your doorsteps. The team at Fitness Meals makes sure that you get daily 5 to 6 recommended meals, with varied quantity and calorie inputs, with required protein-carbs-fat ratio. There is a meal for everyone whether vegetarians, eggetarians and for non-vegetarians. Everyone is unique, so should be their diet requirements.
You can pick up your diet for the day by mix and match. Mix rice with egg, or Mix rice with chicken etc. Our system works like a kart, where you have to add your 5-6 meals for a day and our calorie calculator will count calories and nutrition for your everyday meal.



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