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If you’ve ever forgotten an online password, the frustration of losing precious time while you wait to reset it – so you can access your chosen site – will be all too familiar. Or you may use one simple password for all your logins, which brings obvious risks to your security.
Kaspersky Password Manager gets around these issues by encrypting and securely storing all your passwords, key photos, addresses and credit card details. Synchronizing them across all your devices so that you only need to remember one secure master password to access all your individual passwords and data.
So to keep your passwords secure and close to hand – and to keep your money, identity and private life safe – choose Kaspersky Password Manager and our advanced password keeper features.
See how much more the NEW Kaspersky Password Manager can do for you:
Single password access
All you need to remember is one master password – to access all your individual passwords
Data stored in an encrypted vault
Your passwords, card details, photos & addresses are secure
Mobile browser support
Autofill perfectly works with Chrome
Photos protection
Helps safeguard more than just your passwords, credit card details and addresses – also protects key photos
Automatic completion of forms
Login forms autofill in Chrome for quicker and easier access
Voice Search – for Google Chrome browser
Simplifies search – across your database. You just click and speak
Website security check
Helps block phishing by checking a website before your bank card details are entered
Even easier to use
• Lets you put items into groups
• Gives you rapid access to your recently used accounts
• Includes comment field for login form
• Keeps a history of passwords generated for you
Easy access to all your favourite sites & accounts
Remembering different passwords – for every website and account you use – can be a challenge. Having Kaspersky Password Manager, you don’t need a «Forget password» link anymore. With all your passwords and usernames securely stored, it’s easier to sign into your favorite sites and accounts when you return to them.
Easy credit card data input
Automated data entry can help to prevent errors. If you need to capture the account number for one of your credit cards, you simply scan the card with your mobile.
Fingerprint sensor support
If you are using a phone with fingerprint recognition, your fingerprint lets you access your stored passwords, addresses and card details… without even having to type in your single secure password. Just place your finger on a sensor to unlock your password vault.
Records synchronization across multiple devices
Because you use computers and mobiles for surfing & shopping, we synchronize your passwords, addresses and card details across all your devices – so all items are stored in a password vault, and you can access them from your PC, Mac, smartphones & tablets.
Web access to your password vault
Lets you access and manage your passwords via the My Kaspersky portal – so you can still use your passwords… even if you don’t have your phone or laptop with you
For correct operation, please install the latest version of Kaspersky Password Manager on all your devices. Mixing the old version and the latest version – on different devices – may cause operating issues.




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