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Vocabulary Trainer for Learning English: Learn to Speak English for Travel, Business, Dating, Study & School.

dictionary with English
translations of 10,000 words.

Fastest growing language course
for mobile & tablet: 500,000 new users/month.

100% Free
English lessons for beginners, advanced learners, adults and kids. Build a solid vocabulary in just
10 mins per day.
Pioneering sleep learning function
designed with leading researchers. Learn the
most frequent English words
travel phrases
quickly, before your holidays. Proven methodology for accelerated and stress-free learning of English.
Over 10.000 words and phrases
images and quality audio
. More than any other app! Learn vocabulary while driving, running or doing housework in
listening-only mode
It's 100% free. Give it a try and download now!
Key Features:

10,000 Flashcards
containing English words and phrases with their translations

mode included
► Accelerated learning method with
spaced repetitions
, based on the latest research for optimum memorization

Quality audio
pronunciation and images

No internet
connection required while learning (offline)
► From absolute
beginners to advanced
► Adapts to mobile
phones and tablets

Sleep Learning
: Learn English words while you sleep. Save hours of vocabulary study. Based on the latest academic research:
How does it compare to other language learning apps?

100% Free
: No limitations of content or functions in an attempt to make you buy a paid version. Everything is free.

More Words and Courses
: Courses adapted to fit your language learning objectives, whether you want to study the language for your job, your holidays or just for asking someone on a date.

Adjustable Learning Speed

Accelerated Learning Methodology
: Research in the field of vocabulary learning showed that spaced repetition language training gives the best results for memorization in language lessons. Plus optional relaxation music can increase student memory capacity (superlearning).

Add your own vocabulary lists
: If you are taking a course at a school, university or private academy, you can add the words from your textbook and learn them here instead of looking them up in a dictionary.
Do not download this app if you want to learn grammar.
This app is designed for rapid learning of vocabulary and phrases.
For learning grammar
thoroughly (such as tenses and verb conjugations) the best option is to
attend a language course
ideally in a country where the language is spoken. On our website you can compare over 10000 reviews of language courses & programs worldwide. The best app is no replacement for a English course, but can help make the vocabulary learning part of any course so much easier.
Available Flashcard Language Course Lessons:
► Most Frequent Words in English
- Beginner A1 (500 words)
- Elementary A2 (501-1250)
- Lower Intermediate B1 (1251-2250)
- Upper Intermediate B2 (2251-3500)
- Advanced C1 (3501-5000)
► Dating Phrases
- Dating, Romance and Going Out
► Practise Business English
- Business Vocabulary
► Exams
► Travel phrases
- Basics
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