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Lefft is an intelligent tracking app. It not only lets users see their complete movement history, it also tracks “visited places” using a special algorithm. It’s a kind of route planner – but it works in reverse. The best thing is that the data remain only on your smart phone. Nothing is sent to comanies over the Internet. It is also developed to be very battery-efficient when used in intelligent mode.
Lefft is the alternative for "Moves".
The app can be used in a variety of areas. Lefft doesn’t just track – it increases productivity. Why? Because the data can be used intelligently in three ways:
1. You can see the places you have visited throuhout the day. It´s an automatically generated travel report which can be personally configured in the app settings. Use it to record times - for instance when you have to keep track of your customer visits - it is very useful to have a tool to show you everything you want, just with one touch on the display.
2. The “When have I been here?” report lists the days and times when the user was in a certain area or at a special address. This feature can be used if, for example, you are researching when you were at a certain customer last – or how often you were at the gym, visited beloved places or friends houses over the time.
3. The “Where have I been?” report provides you a mapped representation of the routes covered during the selected time. It can be used, for example, to keep track of how many kilometers you traveled in the last week or to show friends the route you traveled during your last vacation.
Use it to have a better understanding of your movements and be impressed of the impluses it can give to you to change your way of living for a little bit.
Use it when you not want your data to be shared with us or other thrid parties. There is no connection which could be used from us to review your data.
Use it when you have to keep track of your working hours.
Well. You can also use Lefft to find out when you came home last night - if you are not able to remember well :-)
Support the future development of Lefft by getting the premuim version and you can look forward that we will include your ideas for improvements.
We look very forward to receive your feedback. Just send us an email and we will send you our appreciation.
Note: Please restart the app after every update.
Have fun & find out how Lefft can improve Your life.
Your Lefft-Team - Michael and Karl



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later


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