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Everyone dreams of marring the love of their lives and organizing big wedding that is going to look like a fairy tale. If you have found a soul mate and you are going to get engaged soon, then you need to start planning that event. First thing that you should do is to invite guests, so make a list of all of them, and then take a look at the newest ◙Make Engagement Invitation◙ application and get ready to make your own invitations! If you are the type of person who likes to have things under control and who wants everything about their celebrations to be perfect, then you will definitely like what we have to offer. Now you can make a unique card where you’re going to invite your friends and family to a special event, and you can personalize it and make it to fit your liking. Also, besides text, you can add photograph and make your invitation even cooler! That could be picture of you and your future spouse, either from your photo gallery, or a new selfie, and you can insert it into one of the shapes that we have prepared for you, such as wedding cake, bouquet and heart. It is certain that you will have a lot of fun using this popular card maker, so don’t hesitate and download free ◙Make Engagement Invitation◙ app as soon as possible!
In the Make Engagement Invitation app, you can:
→ Make your own invitation card
→ Design it the way you want to
→ Use stickers and frames as decoration
→ Share your card with friends on social networks
It’s very easy to use the latest ◙Make Engagement Invitation◙ application. You should first select the mode that you want to use, portrait or landscape and then scroll through the long list of backgrounds and select which one you like the most. There are 15 of them and you won’t make a mistake regardless of which one you decide to use, because all of them are fabulous. Perhaps your favorite is going to be the one with royal patterns? Or maybe pink one with lines is going to be better? You can also find beige background with flowers, and maroon one with hearts. Once you find a perfect one, get ready to write the text for your invitation. It could be short, or long, whatever you like, and you can change its color and size, and rotate it as well. This top card making app also gives you the ability to use one of the quotes that we have prepared for you, and you can position it anywhere you like. Thanks to the preview button, you can see what your invitation looks like before you save it, so if you are still not satisfied, continue editing and check out other options. This top invitation maker offers you stickers such as violin, heart made of roses and doves, and you can add as many of them as you want to! One more thing that you could do with this popular application is to add a frame, so take a look at what we offer and find the best one. You don’t have to use all of the options of course, if you don’t want to stuff your card with too many details, so experiment with all of them and have the best experience with the coolest ◙Make Engagement Invitation◙.



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