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Introducing Twain, a revolutionary new way to read the world, with the most relevant articles, topics and stories at your fingertips. In real-time, all the time. Using our groundbreaking machine learning system, you’ll discover a whole new world of great content. From leading publications to fairly obscure - but often great - blogs & channels.
Twain is designed to find, recognize and deliver the most relevant trending articles and topics, instantly. From millions of sources, using sophisticated algorithms to carefully select the best. Presented in a simple, ads-free interface, to save you hours and hours of browsing and scrolling.
We respect your friends and relatives, and are quite certain of their sharing capabilities. But Twain gets you beyond that, out of the comfort zone of social media, to see what everyone else is talking about. Personalization is great; sometimes, though, the thing we’re looking for is a thing we never knew existed.
Discover incredible articles, authors and news sources you’ve never bumped into before (and not just stuff your friends and relatives share).
Scan our newsfeeds to quickly see what the world is talking about. And what the world is about to talk about.
Check out what’s trending right now in key categories such as Politics, Tech, TV & Movies, Style, Gaming, Science, or Sports.
Look up keywords, interests, events or people to see what’s been trending lately. Find the best articles on your favorite topics or stories.
“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime”
Mark Twain



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