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Eden Nursery children happy!
- The Eden Nursery is affiliated saneung church nursery.
Children and the environment on the basis of a Christian philosophy of education, children and infants, toddlers and teachers love God through interaction with and neighbors and dividing raise the creative Infants No. 1 one opening of the park Namyangju in March 1994 with the goal of government support The day care facility.
1. creative children
2. Children who practice sharing
3. Kids love God
* 100% linked apps: You can check the content, posts, videos, and apps in real-time content such as photos conjunction with 100% app registration on the website.
* Push notification messages sent automatically: a post on the website, photos, and videos, you can receive automatic notifications when a new registration. And can receive by selecting only the board you want, you can also send the entire bulletin.
* Posts, Photos registration: Available in the album, writing board and take a photo directly from the app post registration and registration is available immediately.
* SNS Sync: You can sign in to post and share content to Twitter and Facebook accounts.
In the case of video data according to the plan contract with the carrier if the non-local WiFi data usage that may be imposed please refer.
Video content can be speed difference depending on the region, the network environment (WiFi, 3G, 4G).
If the terminal can also upload photos do not upload, depending on the type of terminal.
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