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Nett, 2015 in central Taiwan Login carry bag and real estate news
(For 103 years edition download separately carry bag)
Including Miaoli County, Taichung City, Nantou County, Changhua County, Yunlin County, the Ministry of the Interior bulletin Nett login
The only original built at the same time
@ Compass / compass orientation when viewing convenience Kanwu
@ Action check price Shake phone to help you find a nearby Nett login and transaction information from the display (please phone in advance to open network positioning)
@ Free speech input good typing easy
@ Maps Nett: click on the map to query, for example: Tap BRT MRT can quickly help you check near the MRT station BRT Nett login information without typing (requires an internet online map)
@ Rate Information Form data can use instant messaging software Line, Gmail, Google + community features to a friend Share
   Buying a house for the asking price is too high - encounter: the actual price can log on to market share Realty, owner
   - Sell the house met bid is too low: The actual price may log on to the buyer market share
@ Affordability assessment
@ Search nearby 7-11, realtor, gas stations, banks, parks, schools, post offices function, built a number of site links containing gold, stocks, funds, giant Hang network 591, mobile phone king SOGI, Mobile01, PChome, Bureau of Meteorology website weather, earthquake quick report, foreclosure, MRT station iron, high-speed rail is more, market trends, exchange rates, loan calculations, realtor website, Yongqing, Lutheran, Pacific, Taiwan houses, small nest in the 21st century, even if premises unity Nett login information will also allow you to check the information must have
@Play Only store available offline check the latest market:
do not like ads? The network is closed, the query is completely ad-free, no network can also check the basic information on transaction prices, open network is able to get more complete information functions, at your discretion !
* Source: The government Nett login details
* Housing breakdown of the actual position error may be calculated by
* Information purposes only, not as any supporting documentation purposes, shall be responsible for buying and selling, multi-confirmation
* This free app in the advertising do not like those who do not install, app subsequent update to revise, update information, etc., totally dependent on advertising to maintain, I would urge support, please give encouragement and advice
103 Nett in Central Taiwan Login portable package
northern Taiwan Nett Login portable package
southern Taiwan Nett Login portable package
eastern Taiwan and the outlying islands Nett login portable package
Taiwan six are renting market portable package
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