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Contemporary readers and Omar Khayyam divides almost a millennium. But it turns out that this is the Eastern sage-capacity lines are not only close to the present man, but salutary. Even without going into the "day laborers" Sufi meaning of the poem, in a combination of simplicity and richness of content you can find psychological support, both in high reflexes that promote self-affirmation ( "I'll tell you: the purpose of creation - we"), and to justify the lust for pleasure ( " The death vainly rush, it's better to Guria sin "). Sometimes there is a feeling that, in four lines Khayyam until all volatile standard route: a lens, focusing any throwing any thinking soul. No lengthy arguments are not comforted as the instant impression of the intellectual, verbal tenacious grip. For how psychotherapeutic sounds:
You set aside the award. Forget.
Days string of race. Forget.
Sloppy wind: in the eternal Book of Life
He could not move a page one.
It is believed that Omar Khayyam - Gias ad-Din Abul-Fath Omar ibn Ibrahim Khayyam Nishapuri - was born May 18, 1048. This date is considered to be in "hayyamovedenii" almost accurate - it has arisen due to the fact that the Indian scholar Swami Govinda Tirtha on surviving fragments horoscope made the appropriate calculations. And about half a century ago, researchers believed that Khayyam was born in 1017 or 1018. And doubt is not dispelled entirely - and whether it is possible in such a distant retrospect, with an abundance of legends, interpretations, and the loss of the documents? In particular, there is a fear that the horoscope, the memories younger contemporary Khayyam, al-Bayhaqi, found in the papers of the poet was not his personal horoscope, but kept Khayyam as a professional astrologer.
It is assumed that Khayyam died in 1131 (without taking into account the legend, according to which he lived for 104 years). This conclusion was based on Nizami Samarkandi story about his visit to the tomb of Khayyam four years after his death. However, according to other estimates, such as Tirtha Swami Govinda, he left this world in 1122. According to Govinda, Samarkandi have mistakenly written "four years" for "fourteen". The tomb is located in Nishapur near the mosque of Imam Mahruka memory and, as predicted by Khayyam, in a place where "every spring breeze showered him with flowers" - next to the garden of pear and apricot trees. In 1934, with funds collected admirers Khayyam in different countries, the obelisk was erected (by writing on it, too, we recognize the year of death - 1122 th).
On the death of Khayyam there is the following legend. The poet read "On the divine" from "Book of Healing" Avicenna. When he reached the head of the "Single and multiple," he put between sheets of gold toothpick and told his in-laws, Imam Mohammed Baghdad: "Call the net, I'll make a will." When supporters gathered, he prayed and then do not eat or drink. His last words were: "My God! You know, I know thee as my opportunity. Forgive me - my knowledge of you - this is my way to you. "
Even in the nineteenth century, scientists believed that Khayyam was two: the poet and mathematician, as evidenced, for example, an article in Russian Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary. Khayyam wrote poetry in Persian language, and academic work - mostly in Arabic. In a complex name Khayyam means Nishapuri birthplace - the city of Nishapur. This is one of the cities of the northeastern Iranian province of Khorasan, in ancient times, constitute the core of the Parthian state. Parthia was part of the ancient Persian Empire. And in Khorasan variously combined Parthian and Persian, Greek and Roman, Arabic and Turkish culture. Therefore, the formation of Khayyam naturally based on Arabic translations of the works of Euclid, Archimedes, Aristotle, Ptolemy, made back in the IX-X centuries. He also read the works of scholars from the Middle East, studied the Koran and brief encyclopedic treatise of Ibn Sina - "Book of Salvation" and "Book of Knowledge".



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