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The app is the best way to interact, engage and participate in the event! You will be accompanied during all his days, getting information, news, promotions and more. You can search at will, at any time of day, whenever you need something! All within the same app!
Through the app you'll get:
1. View the event schedule in real time.
2. Talk to all attendees at the event to schedule meetings and send instant messages.
3. Share photos, videos, insights and more in an exclusive social network of the event.
4. Assessing and reviewing all the lectures attended by the time the talks end.
5. Know everything that's going on at the event via instant messaging, promotions, offers and more.
6. View all sponsors who will be participating in the day of the event with you.
7. See all event details and navigate to the event with Waze or Google Maps.
8. Discover and talk to all the speakers who will be at the event.
9. Send questions and participate in polls in real time!
10. Download documents and search for files within the app.



الإصدار: 3.2.8p34

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later


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