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The of applications for web news and videos viewer application for Android platform.
Which offer more news and videos, in addition to a well-organized, mobile and tablet optimized appearance of their notifications
- Extraordinary news, events (Breaking News)
- My favorite shows are followed by or beginning of
- Launch of new programs
The Application advantage to use a much better optimized for mobile use, such as when we look at the site in a browser.
The latest news will appear on mobile is legible, clear format, but if you continue to scroll though the news of the older events will not miss.
The application is divided into five main menu: news, live, show, video, and Settings.
The app the main menu to start the NEWS Home tab, in which the most important is to see 3-5 pictures and news of the platform users.
The Home page functions as a collector, where rovatból all the latest news, videos collected a HOME. The high-priority news and Recommendations face immediately after the news Featured follow, then DOMESTIC Abroad, ATV NEWS, Straight Talk, WORLD NEWS, ATV + START and START latest news and videos of the current list. On the Home page for 3-4 highlight news and video pictures.
During the ears of all other columns can be read in the news and video on a single list-like list, with the top three big news with pictures and titles, three additional small image to read the news. Other news available at the box-like list list.
In these boxes to DOMESTIC Abroad. The ATV NEWS magazine program and video images and landed the title, short lead-out containing a list of videos like the list box.
At the end of reading the news article you can share on Facebook and Twitter, simply by clicking on the icon you want to share.
It is also possible to share videos, Facebook, or any other form of e-mail messages.
It is possible to search for specific trading application published content.
You can search for news or videos as well.
New to access the main menu by clicking on the LIVE ATV online 1 hour delayed administration as well.
Special note that while the online broadcast did not have to look at our stop browsing, but you can continue around all of the news in the top left corner of the image remains on the broadcast voice and still be heard.
We can do this for a while News View will scan, Straight Talk interview or any video. Just scroll down for video applications will not be interrupted, continue until you click on the respective sides.
The main menu lists LIVE bounds of the continuously updated news feeds from be followed by users of the platform. A better orientation helps the distinctive colors arrows which indicate the specific news of colored boxes.
The main menu will appear LIVE breaking news, the events of Breaking News. In this case, the header of applications will be yellow to indicate that there is Breaking News Event, which will always be the first news of a list showing the form and the minute the extraordinary event news, photos and videos.
The show can view our programs under the tab:
- Grouped by topic. not only for broadcasts and program managers can see the image in this view, but the start date of the next broadcast can be seen.
- Chronologically the program guide and bounds, start dates shown in the ATV program stream, but this list can be seen that marked tracking programs.
In the main menu VIDEOS upload videos to see all the latest order rovatból. One can continue after the launch of the video list to browse it rolled down the video playback does not stop, but continues in the upper part of the platform. Playback continues until you click something else.



الإصدار: 1.6.1

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0.3 or later


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