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Designed to work in conjunction with the treatment of Myobrace, Myobrace activities are exercises presented in an attractive interactive environment that focus on correcting:
- poor breathing habits
- incorrect position of the tongue.
- Patterns of dysfunctional swallowing
- Force lip and cheek
- Incorrect Posture
Myobrace activities - Practice activities every day for great results.
Educational Videos - Demonstrate why and how to perform each activity
Paces - Register and improve your breathing control
Answer correctly Cuestionarios- questionnaires to progress to the next activity
Medical supervision - Personalized treatment by your doctor Myobrace
Child Friendly -information presented at a level anyone can understand
NOTE: This application is restricted to eligible patients receiving treatment by a Member of Myobrace



الإصدار: 1.1.1

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.4 or later


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