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You must be connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi) This application works to stimulate and improve the signal Internet (Wi-Fi)
Wireless internet application tonic works to strengthen and improve the Wi-Fi signal on your phone or your tablet Android for free. This application is not intended to penetrate the Wi-Fi networks. This application is designed as a quick and easy way to activate the wireless Internet signal through a Wi-Fi network which gives you the fastest possible Wi-Fi signal
This application will allow you free to improve Wi-Fi signal in a very easy way when you are connected to Wi-Fi all you have to do is enter the application and press the start button and wait several seconds to improve the capture of the Internet and the development of wireless signal strength (Allowaarles). As this application works in a similar way when you disarm wireless cable modem (router) and wait 10 seconds and then you connect the cable again to improve the wireless signal just reset process or set of wireless communication to improve Wi-Fi.
This application is not based on open Wi-Fi networks safe or wireless signal transfer closer to your phone. He also could not make wireless modem (router) that sends a signal stronger Wi-Fi. Where that can do this application is to stimulate and improve the Wi-Fi and give you the best possible connection to your wireless network and prevents any comment to network Wi-Fi or any other problems where saves you the time of going to Settings mobile to separate your Wi-Fi and then restart it.
This should work to improve application greeted the Wi-Fi and to develop and improve reception Used Android Wi-Fi. If you got any problem connecting to the Internet make sure you do reset \ set Modems Allslki (router).
It took the work of this application for several months and was hard work and long have been experimenting with the application on multiple copies of Android so he took time application and a great effort and in recognition of the efforts of developers and support them in the production of new applications and free been placing ads inside stratification in order to continue to produce new applications and useful and free has Czt some people complain of having viruses in My own, but in fact there is no virus this just ads, but anti Virus alert them because some ads may send you Tnbhatt the center notices a commercials and there is no virus in all My own For further information and clarifications on Multi Virus Please check our



الإصدار: 2.6

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.3 or later


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