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Animals For Kids - Learn , Practice & Play With All Animals, Birds & Insects.
This application contains big collections of pet animals, wild animals, noisy animals, helpful animals, Birds & Insects real images in HD Format.
Kids now learn & play with big collection of Animals, Birds & Insects flashcard in their papa or mamma's smart phone. With this application you combine education with entertainment.
Using this application kids grow their animals knowledge in easier and an interesting way. hearing animals name and watching real picture of animals and also able to check his or her memory power using Test and Game option.
Each word of animal name is pronounced clearly and distinctly. The younger a child, the more easily he or she can absorb new knowledge.
Every child who is learning in Jr.KG or Sr.KG or any other kid [children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens] who wants to learn animal’s names, they can easily learn.
Parents can also spend time with their children, know English word for fruits name and also keep your baby busy with education and entertainment.
In this application, four parts are there,
1. Animals Flashcard:
-In this part, kids know about the animals [Like- using watching animal pictures and listening animal names]
2. Identify Animal's Flashcard
-In this part, kids can check his memory power and take a fun quiz to see how many of the words he or she knows [Like - select correct question Animal name among the four animals]
3. Spelling Test
-In this part, kids have to find right spelling from four options.
4. Writing Test
- In this part kids have to organize animal spelling in correct order to make correct spellings of each & every animal.
End of the game and test, kids can achieve score points of correct answer, high score and also earn chocolates.
- Easy to grow knowledge about Animals.
- Flashcards of Animals for Kids and proper pronunciation of animals names.
- Fun with game and test.
- Easy and fun navigation.
- Animals Test for to test the memory skills as well.
- Animals Game for enjoy and learn.
- Education with entertainment.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later


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