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Posture Problems?!Text Neck Issues?!
✔️Never Been Able To Correct Your Posture Without Some Crazy Wearable Or Device?
✔️Have You Tried Other Posture Apps That Are Just Confusing & Over Complicated?
✔️Want A Posture Correction Solution That Is Easy & Simple?
Well, You've Come To The Right Place!

We are
2 Doctors
‍⚕️‍⚕️ that have a
Passion for Posture
. As both Doctors & Certified Yoga Instructors, we know the importance of Good Posture. Studies show Better Posture leads to Better Health. With technology taking over our lives, Poor Posture is a growing epidemic.
We were tired of seeing so many patients of all ages coming into our office with Neck Pain, Back Pain, or Headaches, which could all be traced back to Bad Posture on their mobile devices.
After seeing the Posture Problem year after year, we decided to create a solution to help Correct Poor Posture, thus, the Posture Protector™ App was born!
The average person looks at their mobile device 150+ TIMES PER DAY!
When we have Bad Posture on our mobile device, it can add approximately
60lbs (27kg) of STRESS on our neck!
Posture Protector encourages you to correct your Posture by alerting you when you hold your device wrong. Simple as that!
NO Wearables or Accessories Required

Posture Protector™ Has 3 Choices For Alerts To Correct Posture & Text Neck: Screen Dimming , Vibration , or Sound Alert
Posture Protector™ Is
With Additional Features:
✅ A
for your alerts to fit your daily routine
✅ A
Report Card
feature to track and monitor you or your child’s Posture as it improves over time
✅ A
Custom Feed Section
with unbiased content straight from the doctors who created the app, including everything from Wellness Blogs to the Best Stretches & Exercises for Good Posture ‍♀️

your success by sharing your report card and help inspire friends and family members on their own journey to Better Posture
Do YOU Want
Better Posture
? Do YOU Want
Better Health
? Start Correcting Your Posture & Text Neck Today!

Thank You For Downloading the Posture Protector™ App!



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