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對一般消費者來說,可以透過 APP 查詢最近的充電站位置、查詢每個充電站目前有多少充電器沒人使用,且只要註冊 APP 會員即可享有極速充電服務 (極速充電指的是以手機本身的極限速度充電,因此比一般有線充電都要快).
百搭網路,成立於 2015 年,是一家無線充電網路營運商.其所推出的無線充電服務 Anycharge,除了上述針對一般消費者的服務內容之外,還涵蓋下述針對企業用戶的更多服務:
1. 無線充電器安裝 (如傢俱、施工、配線)
2. 棒棒糖接收器安置 (如層架)
3. 設備遠端管理 (透過物聯網通訊閘及雲端伺服器)
4. SDK 嵌入/會員系統
5. 加值服務 (如營運資料)
6. 維護服務
此系統自 2015 年 8 月起,經歷了長達 20 個月的開發流程,於 2017 年 3 月開始逐步推出.不單在消費者端提供了全世界充電速度最快的無線充電服務,更在企業端提供全球領先的無線充電網路服務.展望可見的未來,百搭網路依舊將持續更新系統,提升服務品質,向著全球第一的目標前進.
The average consumer can be queried through the APP nearest charging station location, query the current number of each charging station charger nobody use, and as long as registered members can enjoy APP speed charging service (speed charging indicator is based on phone speed limit charge itself, and therefore faster than the average cable charging).
 When a user arrived at the radio station charging, if the phone itself has built-in wireless charging function, for as long as the phone is placed on the charger to get wireless charging services. However, if the phone does not have built-in wireless charging function, you can get wireless charging services through lollipop receiver.
 Wild web, founded in 2015, is a wireless charging network operators. The launch of the wireless charging service Anycharge, except for the general consumer services above, but also covers the following additional services for business users:
1. Install the wireless charger (such as furniture, construction, wiring)
2. lollipop receivers are located (eg shelves)
3. Device remote administration (via the Internet of Things and cloud gateway server)
4. SDK embedded / membership system
5. The value-added services (such as operational information)
6. Maintenance Services
 This system since August 2015, has experienced a 20-month development process, started in March 2017 and gradually introduced. Not only in the consumer end of the world provides the fastest charging Wireless charging services, but also provides a global leader in wireless charging network services in the enterprise side. Looking for the foreseeable future, still wild network will continue to update the system, improve service quality, toward the world's first goal.
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