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In supply distribution among multiple source (load points) to multiple destinations (unload points), often time trips made are not cleared and complicates billing to transporters who distributed the inventory/asset.
By using smartphone GPS, GPRS/WiFi and camera features, Glovision solves the problem of trip identification and hence billing to the transporters.
Typical use scenarios: Water supply to rural/urban habitation areas, Civil Supplies, Sand transportation, Waste pickup/dumping yards.
* Take photo at each load point and unload point that have geo-tagged location using smartphone GPS and timestamp. End-user cannot access the photo to tamper the timestamp or coordinates.
* Specify constraint sequence to suit your workflow steps such as only one load point to one destination point, one load point to multiple unload points etc
* Allows tracking the smartphone events along with GPS coordinates.
* Transmits data live to our cloud server when network is available
* Stores data when network is offline and transmits to our cloud server when network comes back.
Customer needs will vary such as reports and integration with existing systems. We offer customization to meet your end-to-end solution needs. Please contact for inquires.



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