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The Approved is a free and easy to use application that helps Concurseiros, school students, among other students to win approval in open, ENEM, OAB and certifications. The Pass allows you to register your studies, analyze charts, maintaining a history and take full control of their dedication and performance.
Key Features:
Manage your hours of study
Easily -Registre their hours of study, automatically - using the timer - or manual - after finishing their study. Find out exactly how many hours you're devoting to be approved in ENEM, OAB or tender you wish.
Graphs and reports
-Analysis Graphics and detailed throughout its evolution and know exactly which materials and content you need to improve to ensure its approval reports.
Share and historical charts
-Envolva Friends and family in their quest for approval! Easily, every day, share your performance to any social network that you have on your device.
Sync with site
-Display their activities both on mobile, tablet or in the comfort of your computer. The Approved enables you to study offline (without Internet access) and then sync later when you have connection.
Integration of devices
It's just using the same email account on other devices you have installed Approved everything is interconnected. So you can study the cellular and view graphics in tablet, for example.
-With Your synced data you automatically have a backup of your data, no need to worry if you need to exchange cell. Just use the same email account on your new phone to all your data will be there.
The Pass has everything you need to manage and follow their schedule of studies, ideal for those who want to ace in simulated and seeks approval for procurement, OAB and ESMS. Learn more at
For questions, problems or if you miss some functionality just look us through our email Contact us, we'd love to meet you and help :).



الإصدار: 2.1.7

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.3 or later


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