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ErgoSky is an innovative astronomy images gallery application and educational experience for astronomy, deep sky lovers, with amazing astronomical images, fascinating sky objects, from galaxies, nebulae, stars to planets.
Discover stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters, nebulae, Hubble space images, curated selections from several missions and observations. See great images from Mars exploration robots, rovers and missions like Voyager. See different faces of Jupiter moons, or Saturn rings or other planets moons. Huge views and details available you can zoom on, bookmark, share. Just explore the sky, at a glance !
→Main features:
♦ Thousands of beautiful astronomy images and galleries of space objects from galaxies, stars and clusters, nebulae, planets, systems of the universe
♦ Hubble telescope images of the cosmos
♦ Gorgeous detailed images and panoramas of our solar system, the sun, mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune and famous missions such as rovers on Mars, curiosity, opportunity, Voyager, cassini, spirit
♦ Swipe between objects/image gallery and detailed view with description, holo style
♦ Nice slideshow to swipe between amazing views
♦ Automatic slideshow when the application starts (see settings)
♦ Bookmark, share with your friends on popular social networks
♦ Statistics : discover more space objects with real-time downloads and popular images, nice feature to discover more great contents
♦ Double-tap on detailed view to zoom on immediately or use zoom button
♦ Search celestial objects by name, multiple keywords
♦ Suggestion engine : see similar celestial objects
♦ Discovery with random images loaded when the app starts
♦ Off-line contents : informations are available off-line and once images are downloaded, they are available offline ! (no need connections for already seen images)
♦ Set any images as wallpaper
Pictures are mainly coming from public repositories of the European Southern Observatory, the PhotoJournal of Jet Propulsion Laboratory or the Hubble Heritage archives. There is no No affiliation with these institutions.



الإصدار: ErgoSky_2.0.2.A

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android3.0 or later


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