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The aurora borealis (or northern lights) is a spectacular natural phenomenon which can occasionally be seen in the night sky over Britain. Once seen, it is never forgotten. AuroraWatch UK allows you to monitor geomagnetic activity in real time, and will let you know when aurora may be visible from the UK. Push notifications alert you when an Aurora is likely.
This Android application has been developed with the help and support from the original AuroraWatch UK application on the iPhone, please see
for more information.
AuroraWatch UK is a free service run by Lancaster University, indicating the likelihood of an auroral sighting from within the UK.
This AuroraWatch UK Android app, developed in association with AuroraWatch UK, allows you to have this data at your fingertips on your phone, alerts as in on the iPhone are currently in development.
Monitor the UK's geomagnetic activity in real-time.
Aurora notifications (Yellow, Amber, and Red)
See how likely an auroral sighting is.
View last 24 hours data and plot's.
The app is available on phones and tablets
A page of useful links
Report any sightings.



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