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BEHCA® is a data tracking tool to support a proven method for better identifying and managing behaviors through regular observation, communication, and collaboration. It offers a highly individualized experience that collects information from a variety of sources which can be compared and analyzed, showing trends and patterns we might not otherwise notice.
New accounts receive a free 14-day trial. After the trial a monthly or annual subscription is required.
- All data is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud and accessible by a phone, tablet, or computer via the native app or
- Add as many Observable Persons as you need to track (plans are available for families, providers, and schools)
- Collect data on a daily basis related to a person’s behavior, environment, and overall health. Weather and location-specific data is collected automatically, allowing for a full spectrum of comparisons.
- Customize the type of data you are tracking specific to their individual behavior. No two individuals are exactly alike, so their behavior profiles shouldn't be either.
- Invite other collaborators (teachers, providers, etc) who can also enter data throughout the day. This gives everyone a "full story" of events throughout the day, and empowers parents and caregivers to be informed participants on the care team.
- A series of data visualizations show correlations between environmental, health, daily living variables, and behavior, making situational events and triggers of behavior more visible and tangible.
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