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With this app, you will be able to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and know what your physical condition is or if you have to improve it in order to have a good health. This BMI calculator will allows you to monitor your waist-to-height ratio, your body fat percentage and your weight loss percentage all in once.
It is really easy to handle the app and very useful to get an idea of weight control. When you introduce all the information that the calculator requests you, it provides you the ideal weight that you have to achieve for been in a good healthcare and allows you to keep track of your weight daily.
Monitoring your body mass index regularly can give you a good idea about your condition. The information that the app provides you is based on your age, your height and your weight. All the answers are calculated with pieces of information that you provides. For example, the app can estimate if you are underweight, in good weight, overweight or obesity according to the information introduced.
This app can help you decide if you need to make changes in your diet for been in a better health, gain weight or lose weight, but you have to take all the aspects of your physical condition under consideration in order to do a good changes and also have a consult with your doctor if you have any doubts about your health because this information is partial and the diets and exercise that you need to follow may depends on many different aspects.
What do you can discover with this BMI Calculator app? Firstly, your body mass index that considers both, the body weight and the height. Secondly, the waist-to height ratio that it is defined as the waist circumference divided by the height. It indicates you the abdominal obesity. In third place, you can calculate your body fat percentage that works for knowing the weight of fat divided by the total weight. Last but not least, the weight loss percentage.



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