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This is a great app for those who have recently purchased a Swiss ball for exercise outside of the guidance of a personal trainer.
All the exercises are illustrated with clear photographs, easy-to-read instructions , giving you a clear understanding of what you are doing on the swiss ball , each exercise target specific muscle groups. This means that the app will be useful as you can work through each exercise :) .
There are many benefits to incorporating ball exercises into your workout , First of all, ball exercises require little and inexpensive equipment,To perform the majority of ball exercises presented on this app , you'll only need access to an exercise ball .
However, the biggest benefit to training using ball exercises is that they are very effective at targeting core muscles, those muscles that are essential for stability and good posture but are often overlooked when exercising with fixed position equipment such as those found in gyms.
Also The exercise ball (or Swiss ball or physio ball) is a versatile piece of exercise equipment available to help people with back pain. In particular, many exercise ball are designed to bring movement to the spine in a controlled manner to help keep the discs nourished. Moving the vertebrae helps nourish the discs in the spine by increasing blood flow around the disc and by causing the water to flow in and out of the disc.
The Ball App contains:
• Ball Exercises, Benefits
• Required equipment
• worm up
• Ball hyperextension
• Downward Facing Balance
• chest stretch on stability ball
• Ball crunch
• Hamstring bridge
• Stabilitty ball pushups
• Squat
• Ball Reverse Crunch
• Ball Jacknife
• Hamstring Curl
• Ball Rear Deltoid Row
• Ball bridge
• Lying Ball Squeeze
• Stretchs, back and lower back
• Stability Ball Pikes
• Ball Crunch – Legs Elevated
• Stability Ball Single-Leg Press
• Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension
• After every training
• Safety Precautions
and more !!



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