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If you are looking for a quick way to burn your belly fat, get this application on your device. All the exercises are well displayed with animation and description to perform your workout routine perfectly.
Remove belly fat easily with these simple and effective fat burning workouts from your home.
Abdominal fat can take serious proportions if not curbed at the right time. No doubt, belly fat looks aesthetically displeasing, but what is more important is its effect on long term health.
If you are serious about burning fat in a natural way - without supplements, without drugs and without screwing up your metabolism, then this could be the most important application you will ever get... Download it now! 100% FREE!
We hope essentially helping to reduce your Belly fat in faster way with our belly fat exercises app. The flat stomach workouts will allow you to burn fat naturally, maximize caloric consumption and train the muscles.
not forgetting that some good habits and a proper nutrition such as Jogging, running, cycling, brisk walking, swimming ,and low calorie diets, is necessary, not only to loose belly fat within a specific time , but to maintain the health of the entire body.
This belly fat burning workouts application contains :
Reduce Belly Fat
The Roll UP exercise
The criss-cross exercise
The Double Leg lift exercise
Ankle reache exercise
Reverse Crunch exercise
Butterfly Twists exercise
Prone Pike workout
Side Plank workout
Russian Twist workout
Fast Crunches workout
Mountain climber workout
Why Do You Get Belly Fat?
a. Genetics:
b. Weak metabolism:
c. Hormonal Changes:
d. Stress and hypertension:
e. Diseases:
f. Sagging muscles:
g. Poor posture:
h. Sedentary lifestyle:
i. Overeating:
Measuring Belly Fat:
a. Body Mass Index:
b. Waist to Hip Ratio:
c. Waist Circumference:
Food To Reduce Belly Fat:
a. Almonds:
b. Apples:
c. Avocado:
d. Cucumber:
e. Green leafy vegetables:
f. Beans:
g. Watermelon:
How to Reduce Your Tummy?
Best Stomach Weight Loss Exercises:
The Roll UP
The criss-cross
The Double Leg lift
Ankle reache
Reverse Crunch
Butterfly Twists
Prone Pike
Side Plank
Russian Twist
Fast Crunches
Mountain climber
Cardio Exercises:
13. Walking:
14. Running:
15. Jogging:
16. Cycling:
17. Swimming:
Other Ways to Reduce Belly / Abdominal Fat:
1. Eat Right:
2. Drink Water:
3. Short Bursts:
4. Say No to Sugar:
5. Reduce Sodium intake:
6. Vitamin C:
7. Fat burning foods:
8. Include healthy Fats:
9. Do not skip breakfast:
10. Sleep:
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