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Best Arabic English Keyboard with emoji for Android is here with alot of features to make you best learner of Arab. Le Clavier Arab is simple and uncomplicated auto text Arab Arabic keyboard English and لوحة مفاتيح الكتابة العربية which helps you to type messages in Arabic. It is keyboard Arabic English change that enables you to switch English language and also to the latest Arabic keyboard with Arabic keypad English alphabets to write Arabic letters, documents, emails, messages and much more.
استمتع بالكتابة باللغة العربية باستخدام لوحة المفاتيح emojis.
Best Arabic English keyboard is marked with English and Arabic letters simultaneously that enable you to enjoy typing with keypad Arabic English of Arab and English. Auto text arbic keyboard freely serves you in the best way from all others rabic keyboards-auto translators with English Arabic keypad. This content English Arabic keyboard for Arbi is also an emoji keyboard Arabic and have multiple similies for android, So send similies and emojis to your friends with Arabic texts and documents with emoji keypad Arabic. The arbic writer has his own clavier Arab and auto translator for the teaching of rabic language freely with Best Arabic English keyboard with emoji.
Latest Arabe clavier includes beautiful font, themes, letters and special characters
Your Arabic reading app having a tinge of different color textures to the Best Arabic English keyboard with emoji skins of android mobile. The user can make use of various distinctive arbic emoji keyboard with beautiful themes. Coloring Arabic keys and beautiful backgrounds give extra margin to language Arabic keyboard with emoji which you will never find anywhere. Writing of arbic now is more easy than past because of the easy English Arabic Keypad with emoji, its dual function and default English language setting has put out you from the labor of installing two separate keyboards in emotions keyboard Arabic English for android. You are free to adjust any language from the multilanguage keyboard in emotions keypad Arabic English and start typing what you want. Auto prediction of words gives you the opportunity of the high level of learning in easy and simple Arabic keyboard change, words suggestion is the lightest way of teaching Arab and it forces you to explore Arab language and connotation.
أفضل الطرق وأكثرها شعبية في كتابة اللغة العربية مع الإنجليزية على منصة أندرويد
Try this amazing Arabic keyboard face emoji and English keyboard to make you expert in Arabic typing, it is compatible to write Araby textual at all writing forums. Apart from Arabic alphabets, it makes your texts more interesting with free emojis and similies with the face emoji Arabic keyboard. You can create your own keyboard theme with fast Arabic keypad change with beautiful themes by selecting any desired wallpaper.
Easy Arabic Keypad Features:
Easy and fast way for typing in English or Araby.
Le clavier Arab with auto-prediction and beautiful fonts.
Customize your keypad with both English and Arabi font text.
Adjustable colorful themes, fonts and backgrounds.
Le clavier Arab includes alot of new varieties of emojis.
Realistic sound effect and vibrating keys.
All Arabe alphabets, letters and word in Arabe keypad easily.
Best backgrounds and keypad layout.
User-friendly interface.
How It Works:
First, Download and Install Arabe keypad on your smartphone from Google Play Store.
Go to the settings and choose the option of enabling.
After enabling set input method either you use Arbi keyboard or device default one.
After that enjoy the new keypad with alot of themes and emojis.
We are highly appreciable for your reviews and feedback. We encourage you to leave your reviews that will help us to update our Best Arabic English keyboard - Arabic typing app according to your suggestions.



الإصدار: 1.0

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0.3 or later


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