Stretching exercises for full body workouts

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Stretching Routines
– is just the right application for any person, who cares about his health.
Nowadays people often have low activity level sedentary lifestyle, so stretching exercises to develop flexibility are very important for anyone. Stretch exercises, presented in this application, were selected and compiled for training at home for the development of flexibility of the body and do not require any additional devices.
Daily stretch workout is suitable for all groups of people. There are 40 different stretches to improve flexibility in this app, and all stretching routines have detailed video and text instructions.
Stretching & Flexibility Routines app has 3 different workouts,
during which you can do full body stretching, upper and lower body stretching, leg stretch, shoulder and so on.
App functionality:

40 different stretching exercises
for body stretch of different levels of complexity for all muscle groups;
✓ Each stretch routine contains
detailed audio, text instructions and videos
of the implementation;

3 training programs
are provided and prepared for stretch workout for every day, you can also create your own workouts, set the level of difficulty and length, also every program has different stretch plan and different difficulty – Basic program is the best choice for the beginners, 7 minute stretch or 10 minute stretch – is for everyday stretching routines or for stretch before workout or gum;
✓ We've created a
special motivation system
that will keep track of your results and motivate to achieve more and more;
✓ You can
create your own programs
for stretch and flexibility;

Notifications system
- Now, you will never forget to do stretch fitness;

Detailed statistics
– make 30 day stretch challenge and track your results and your progress.
⭐ Main task of this app is not only to develop body flexibility and stretch, but to develop a stable habit of regular stretch exercise in the context of life. Try to do stretching routines for at least a week, and you will see how much energy you can get!
We wish you successful stretches!



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