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The Bollywood Ragas app is primarily our effort to provide interesting and relevant information connecting the vast ocean of Indian classical music with popular Bollywood songs. Yes in its purity, no film song can be called a raga, and we have listed raga inspired songs here using various authentic resources on the web, and inputs from some experts.
And the beauty of the Bollywood Ragas app is that its content text can be switched to Hindi! One of the first of its kind!
With this very easy-to-use app, you shall find features like (and we are thankful to our users for their suggestions):
♪ essential raga information;
♪ listen to vocal recordings of the Aaroh and Avaroh for most ragas while viewing the Indian Notations.
♪ musical notations available in English (using either Indian or Western notations) & Hindi
♪ listen to songs via the music streaming app - Saavn, including 'Play All' songs of a Raga;
♪ watch the videos of the songs on YouTube;
♪ search songs by movie, your favorite composer or singers, song-title or raga.
♪ all functionality accessible in Hindi too!
♪ suggest songs missing from our list
In the current version, number of songs available are 857, and the ragas included are 61.
We promise to keep updating the app with more songs and ragas on a regular basis. Every update will have more content and some new features included too.
Go ahead and enjoy melodies from Hindi cinema, inspired by the wonderful world of Indian Ragas.
For any suggestions, comments, etc. feel free to drop us a mail on



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