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This applicaton alows:
1.Define your goals in the future (spendings on recreation, education of children, expenditure on the acquisition of property, equipment, income at retirement age, income from investments).
2.To understand what will be in several days/months/years (till 2040) (what income/expenses/available funds) taking into account the flowing and planned income/expenses if you will not change anything in your life.
3.To adjust planned expenses/income/investments depending on the obtained simulation results.
4.To adhere to the chosen strategy daily.
5.To simulate the income on deposits and expenses on the credits.
6.To balance the household budget and to provide confidence in future!
All data are stored on your device! External access isn't provided.
The pilot period of Demo version is 100 days.



الإصدار: 3.0

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android3.1 or later


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