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Burn In your brand new headphones / speakers before using, make them best quality of music!
* Use rand white noise data to burn in, full frequency range
* Can save current burn in progress, and resume next time
* Supports headphones / speakers, even bluetooth / NFC speakers!
* Can specify how many minutes to burn in
* With detailed burn in manual, to teach you how to burn in
* With percentage displaying, make you easy to know how long your headphones burn in
Why Burn In?
Burn-in is the process for exercising new audio equipment. Most headphones/speakers require at least 40 hours of burn-in time to reach their optimal performing state.
The main purpose of the burn-in process is to loosen the diaphragm of a newly crafted headphone and to stress the headphone driver. Most audiophiles agree that the sound quality will be noticeably improved after burn-in.
How to Burn In?
There are different ways to burn-in your headphones (or earbuds). The most common ways include running a white noise through the headphones at a medium volume. Note: too high of a volume can cause damage to, or even kill your headphones!
How long should I do it?
The general rule is about 40 hours. Some people burn-in their headphones quickly playing them 40 hours continuously after bringing them home. This may not be good because, the diaphragm may be too weak at this time and should not be pushed to the limit. The best thing to do may be to plug your headphones into your android phone / tablet, set the volume to medium, and run burn in app for up to 4-5 hours a day for 5 days (perhaps, while you are at work or sleeping). After that, your headphones will most likely sound their best. Note: you do not need to listen the whole time.



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