Buttocks And Legs Workout

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We have prepared for you a 30-day workout plan, as well as a set of exercises that will create the perfect training for you. Following the plan of training, you will tone the glutes and legs, and make your body even more beautiful.
Daily we will increase the load, so do not forget about the rest. Exercises are prepared specifically for the house, they can be performed by anyone and anywhere. With these exercises you will noticeably improve the shape of your buttocks.
You can easily keep track of your progress in the statistics section, and reminders will help you do not miss training and make you even more disciplined.
Key features:
- 30 day Buttocks and Legs workout plan
- Create your own training of buttocks or legs from the set of exercises
- Animated exercises demonstrations
- Description of the exercises
- Statistics on the completed training and exercises
- Reminder about workout



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