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Cause Mobile Wallet is an app that allows you to instantly send and receive
payments to and from anyone, anywhere using only an email address or cell
phone number. CMW also allows you to make donations to your favorite
charities, create and contribute to crowdfund campaigns and purchase goods
and services from merchants using your smartphone.
Once you move funds from your bank account into your wallet and/or attach a
credit card to the wallet, you can begin to send and receive funds
instantly between friends, family, merchants, charities and even contribute
to a crowdfund campaign!
Cause Mobile Wallet allows you to create powerful "crowd-funding" campaigns
to raise money for any cause that you deem important. It's a fast and
simple way to set up a campaign and broadcast it to friends and family (via
social media, text and/or email), providing you with a complete solution to
raise funds for your cause. When your campaign has met your goals or
deadline, the funds raised will be disbursed directly to your bank account
for you to apply to your cause.
CMW will accept 501c3 charities that you recommend as well! Contact our
team and we will add your favorites to our ever growing list of worthy
For Merchants, check out our powerful Cause Pay app, a handheld POS and
credit card processing tool for all your daily needs.
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