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Applications cermah cleric Firanda Andirja provide hundreds of thematic studies that you can listen right from your Android mobile phone. Hundreds of studies tesebut you can listen offline and streaming. Here are some of the themes studies / lectures contained in this application.
The story of Moses and the Prophet Khidr
Tips for Living Success with PRIS Good God
Dahysatnya Doomsday
Caution Danger Sin backbiting!
Bloody History of Shiite Rafidhah
Importance of Gratitude and How Thankful
The Road to Happiness
Milling tips Sincerity
Morals Phoenix Messenger
Prayer Sunnah Rowatib
Adab-adab Different Opinions
Freedom Bag
Sign Of Dajjal
The story of Lut
Nistanya Pride
Cords of Love Ahlul Bait and Friends
when Maksiat
Tafseer Surat AL bayyinah
Tafsir Surah Al Dzaldzalah
Tafsir Surah Al Qori'ah
Wary Small Shirk in Charity
Knit brotherhood Reaching Blessings
Tafsir Surah At taakatsur
Tafsir Surah Al 'adiyath
Tafsir Surah Al Qori'ah
Tafsir Surah At Takwir
In addition to the theme of lectures cleric Firanda Andirja above, there are many other themes that you can enjoy. Hopefully each week will be updated with the latest studies. The application is designed with an attractive appearance and very easy to use. May the blessings and beneficial. Consider also chaplain Syafiq studies and also studies Basalamah Reza Khalid Ustadz Basalamah in our dev halama on google play.



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