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Charge Me Fast
Android app boost the battery charging speed.
* This app stops all non-system background processes from the device to
boost charging speed
* This app displays details about the device battery (battery technology, capacity, health, voltage, and temperature).
* Battery temperature information helps users to make the decision when they should turn off the device screen to cool down the battery.
* While charging this app displays charging elapsed time and how much time need to fully charged battery.
* Finally, This app calculates the charging speed. It shows the charging speed in the following way, how many seconds take to charge one percent. So if the battery charging speed is 60 second then it will take 60*100 = 6000 seconds = 1 hour 40 minutes to full charge. If the device has 40 percent charge and charging speed is 60 seconds then it will take 60*60 = 3600 seconds = 1 hour to get fully charged.
* When the battery increases by one percent charge, the app shows a toast notification.
* This app also displays how many percent charged after charging started.
The app displays a nice animation when the battery is charging.
* App display many cute icons to make the app more understandable.
* App automatically opens when the device is plugged for charging.
* This app displays a list of System pre-installed app details (app label, package name, icon and size).
* This app also displays a list of user installed app details (app label, package name, icon and size). It helps the user to determine which app took much storage and which app should uninstall.
* This app allows users to uninstall their installed app directly from the app list.
* This app displays a list of system running processes details (related app label, package name and icon).



الإصدار: 4.9

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later


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