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CloudShop: POS
Appendix CloudShop: POS now works on smartphones. CloudShop: POS - only the most necessary for the cashier. An additional application is designed for small retail outlets, sales records which is conducted by means of service CloudShop. CloudShop: POS allows you to speed up the process of registration of sales, cashier work becomes more convenient and efficient.
Main functions:
- Registration of sales and refunds to customers;
- The addition of new clients to the database;
- Calculation of delivery;
- Work with discounts;
- Barcode scanner with the ability to connect to an external Bluetooth-scanner;
- Print checks a network receipt printer;
- Journal of the documents (a report on hand) in the last two days;
- Reconciliation of balance, the transfer of revenue to the bank and other instruments to manage cash flow.
- Quick synchronization with the base. The owner is always available at the box office reports and other types of reports in the annex CloudShop and the web version.
- No need to purchase additional equipment.
- The application is intuitive - you do not need additional training.
- Ability to work off-line with the previously loaded goods and customer base.
- Quick Search by Name customer card number, phone number, e-mail.
- Quick product search by barcode, article, category name.
- Permanent access to current balances of goods in a shop. It is possible to hide the goods with zero balance.
- Comfortable working with discounts. When making a sales clerk can give the customer a discount, the amount of which is determined before the store owner. If the client has a personal discount or buy promotional merchandise, the amount will automatically be calculated taking into account discounts.
- Comfortable working with the categories - each product category can be assigned its own color, you can choose which categories of products will be displayed in the application.
- Your customer base and financial data security - data is stored on cloud servers and secure.
Attention! This application will suit you just in case you are already using cloud service CloudShop.
Today, big business uses for expensive equipment, such as a mobile pos terminal, data collection terminal, pos system, cash register. Individual entrepreneurs and small business owners can use to work the cashier conventional tablet or smartphone and the app CloudShop: POS. Keep track of sales and inventory control the purchase and movement of goods using the mobile app or web CloudShop version. Job shops can be organized with the application CloudShop: POS. POS systems will allow the cashier to perform basic trading operations, as does a conventional cash register. The application does not replace the mobile pos terminal, but significantly accelerate the clearance sales. Any retail sale is carried out in a couple of clicks.
You do not need an expensive data collection terminal for collecting, processing and transmitting information about the product - all the necessary functionality is provided in CloudShop: POS. With him will be the job of the cashier a more convenient and efficient. Now the work of outlets, inventory control and customer base are under your control.
We wish you success in business - he let us reach new heights!
About Developer
CloudShop company maintains and develops cloud service that helps small businesses keep a record of sales and receive data to make good decisions without too much cost. With each update applications, new capabilities, and to work with them it is even easier and more convenient.
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