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Do you take care of your heart? And your well-being?
In Spain more than 20 million people suffer at least one chronic disease and more than 25% of workers suffer from stress. are you one of them?
Because the styles of modern life, diseases like obesity, diabetes or hypertension, in addition to the problems resulting from chronic stress, have doubled in the last 20 years, and is forecast to continue to increase unless we take action.
A busy lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet or habits such as excessive drinking and smoking, are accelerating their progression.
The way to prevent these diseases and reduce the impact of stress, is to change our unhealthy habits and adopt those tools that allow us to keep a healthy lifestyle.
What are you waiting for? We help you take care of your health.
We apply science to your personalized plan: Cogniland we specialize in the comprehensive care of the heart and brain. In order to take care of your health and wellness win, we want to help your desire to change habits become reality through participation in research. The main features of our health program are:
• Integral: We cover care of your health and well-being from the main areas that affect the heart and brain.
• Custom: A plan to your needs, which will coordinate scientific advice to your tastes and needs.
• Professional: You will have a team of experienced specialists.
• Vanguard: We will incorporate the new recommendations that science evidencing beneficial to the heart and brain.
One person, one plan: Comprehensive health care is similar to Formula 1, and Cogniland want to be your team. Through our team and our online platform, which brings together the tools and latest technologies, we offer knowledge and support to help you make the ride of your life!
In just 3 simple steps from anywhere: The online platform lets you Cogniland whole process from wherever you want, when you want, in the area of ​​health you want to improve.
1. Evaluate your lifestyle and receive your report and Lifestyle Habits to know what your starting point.
2. Once evaluated, select the plan that best suits your needs and desires.
3. Define your commitments depending on your possibilities, this will generate indicators that allow you to track your progress.
To what are you waiting to start taking care of your health!
Privacy Policy and Data Protection: Conscious of the responsibility we assume keeping and treating your personal data, we want to convey the commitment of Cogniland, S.A. security of such data. Especially, we review we have taken security measures technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the security of personal data and comply with the LOPD nature.



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