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Newscasts, also known as bulletins or news program(me)s, differ in content, tone and presentation style depending on the format of the channel/station on which they appear, and their time slot. The top-rated shows will often air in the evening during "prime time", but there are also often morning newscasts of two to three hours in length. Rolling news channels broadcast news content 24 hours a day. Local news may be presented by standalone local television stations, stations affiliated with national networks or by local studios which "opt-out" of national network programming at specified points. Different news programming may be aimed at different audiences, depending on age, socio-economic group or those from particular sections of society. News coverage with topical lifestyle issues, debates or entertainment content. Public affairs programs provide analysis of and interviews about political, social and economic issues.
News programs feature one or two anchors segueing into news stories filed by a reporter by describing the story to be shown; however, some stories within the broadcast are read by the presenter themselves; the anchor "tosses" to the reporter to introduce the featured story; likewise, the reporter "tosses" back to the anchor once the taped report has concluded and the reporter provides additional information. Often in situations necessitating long-form reporting on a story (usually during breaking news situations), the reporter is interviewed by the anchor, known as a 'two-way', or a guest involved in or offering analysis on the story is interviewed by a reporter or anchor. There may also be breaking news stories which will present live rolling coverage.
Television news organizations employ several anchors and reporters to provide reports. They may also employ specialty reporters that focus on reporting certain types of news content, meteorologists or weather anchors who provide weather forecasts – more common in local news and on network morning programs – and sports presenters that report on ongoing, upcoming and/or concluded sporting events.
Packages will usually be filmed at a relevant location and edited in an editing suite in a newsroom or a remote contribution edit suite in a location some distance from the newsroom. They may also be edited in mobile editing trucks, or satellite trucks, and transmitted back to the newsroom. Live coverage will be broadcast from a relevant location and sent back to the newsroom via fixed cable links, microwave radio, production truck, satellite truck or via online streaming. Roles associated with television news include a technical director, floor director audio technician and a television crew of operators running character graphics (CG), teleprompters and professional video cameras. Most news shows are broadcast live.
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