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Video Tutorials and Advanced Topics
Read Data Structures and Algorithms Offline. Easy to understand
This App enables reading concepts Offline (without the internet). Download our App and read it whenever you feel like. No internet connection is required.
This App lets developers or CS students or Engineering students or anyone who is interested in learning easily review Data Structures and Algorithms from theory, implementation. If you are a programmer looking for your first programming job and preparing for coding interviews, or a student who is preparing for exams about data structures and algorithms, this app could be a right fit for you
All the algorithms and data structures are implemented in C. It's very easy to understand if you know C language.
The recently added Interview questions section will help you in preparing for interviews. Solutions are provided in C language or C++ or Java language
Currently, we are covering following topics:
Interview Questions/ Examples Section:
Array Questions
String Questions
Linked List questions
Tree Questions
Data Structure Overview
Data Structure Basics
Linked list
Doubly linked list
Circular linked list
Expression Parsing
Tree Traversal
Binary Search Tree
AVL Tree
Spanning Tree
Graph Data Structure
Depth First Traversal
Breadth First Traversal
Breadth First Traversal
Algorithm Basics
Asymptotic Analysis
Greedy algorithms
Divide and conquer
Dynamic Programming
Recursion Basics
Tower of Hanoi
Fibonacci Series
Linear Search
Binary Search
Interpolation Search
Hash Table
Sorting Algorithms
Bubble Sort
Insertion Sort
Selection Sort
Merge Sort
Shell Sort
Quick Sort
Heap Sort
Added examples on Dynamic programming, Array, Strings, Linked Lists, Tree, Graphs
If you want us to add any new topics please Write to Us using the "Write to Us" option in our App.



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