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Hindu Prayer is a mobile application with content collection of prayers to Hindu religion from daily prayer, prayer prayer to prayer at the shrine and pretend special.
- Prayer Everyday: Loading hindu prayers daily, for example: Wake Prayer, Prayer eating, prayer study, etc.
- Prayer Prayer: Loading Hindu prayers in worship activities, for example: Kramaning Sembah
- Prayer of the Holy Places: Loading dihaturkan prayers at the holy places, for example: prayer at Pura Kahyangan Tiga
- Otonan: Find the date of the next few years otonan
- Pura: Do not be confused to find the nearest temple. Locate the nearest temple according to the location of GPS / Internet you
- Tri Sandya: Features tri Sandya script complete with translations
- Song: Various types ballad five yadnya
- ADS Free: No Ads in apps
All prayer that is loaded has a translation / meanings. Please willingness to give an assessment of this application. Thank you for your support.



الإصدار: 2.2.3

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later


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