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- Our USMLE Step 1 Program is the product of our experience in Online and offline USMLE teaching for more than 3 years. We mixed the advantages of the online and the offline programs to create this powerful, very interactive program.
- We have updated our program to fit all your needs. Now, you can use our program for USMLE Step 1 preparation, Revision before the exam, or even to master the Basic Medical Sciences for your Medical school.
- Our video library has 250+ videos avaliable on our website and we add new videos every week.
- Now, We have more than 100 Subscribers in our program :)
- Top 5 countries in our program (according to the number of subscribers):
1. United States (Arabs in US)
2. Saudi Arabia.
3. Egypt.
4. Qatar.
5. United Arab Emirates.
- The course consists of streaming video sessions illustrating the lecturer’s E-Books (EL HUSSEINY’S Essentials E-Book Series) focusing on the high yield topics you will most probably see in your exam.
- The lecturer uses a focused, to the point yet comprhensive way of teaching to give you the basic foundation you need to pass USMLE Step 1 exam with a score of 240+.
- The book series we use in our sessions have more than 8000 Qs from the Qs Banks (USMLE World, Kaplan Qs bank, NBMEs, USMLE Self Assesment 1 and 2).
- The text in highlight color in our E-Book series is the most high yield points in every branch that you need to know by heart.
- New: Now we use the Whiteboard as an illustrating tool added to our responsive dashboard with all its tools (PDF, Disscussion).
- New:
We have a responsive dashboard (compatible with all devices) with many tools that make our course very interactive.
You can read the E-Book while watching the videos and if you have any questions you can create a discussion about this point for more illustration.
- New: Now, you can solve the whole UW qs Bank in an online timed mode more than once without paying extra fees.
- To try us for free:
- To Sign Up:



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