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Prayers very best selling applications on the iPhone and now the android platform that enables you to listen to Surat voice. It is a major work that will benefit all Muslims. Arabic verse and prayer, and religious meaning with the Latin alphabet generated content, Yasin In fact, the property also has the ability to listen to the Nebe suras written in Arabic. The device is compatible with the horizontal position provides a comfortable reading facilities.
- Surah
- In fact Surat
- Property (Tebarek a) Surah
- Neba (Public) Surah
Arabic, Latin letters and the reading of religious meaning, as well as four time listening feature.
- Esmaül Husna: Almighty Allah (SWT) 's 99 names and descriptions.
- Healing Verses: Located in the Koran verse 6 in particular a source of healing.
- 7 Verses: from all kinds of trouble, the enemy 7 verses protect from evil.
- Salavat sheriff are: Salavat sheriff and most precious virtues of bringing in Salavat.
- Prayer Times: praying and reading time listening feature.
- Prayer Prayers: prayers are prayers.
- Prayer of the Prophet: The Koran located prophet prayers.
- Very wholesome Verses: the virtuous liked to read verses after the prayer.
- Repentance and Prayer of repentance: the most important prayer of repentance and forgiveness.
- Kenzul Res prayer: read a very powerful prayer for all types of incontinence.
- Ants Prayer: Increase in provision, read and written to attract wealth and abundance of hanging prayer.
- Kabir (52.Ge of Prayer)
- Mubarak will be held in the months and days of prayer and worship
- Farewell Sermon of the Prophet



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.3.3 or later


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