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This free English to Albanian Dictionary and Translator app which is made for Android devices, will enable you to investigate foreign language in a thorough way and make language learning process easier, faster and more enjoyable. This free bilingual dictionary gives the opportunity to boost your foreign language skills by providing translation and definition of a wide range of words and phrases, as well as sentences and texts. It helps to learn new words and widen your vocabulary. Its structure, functions and easy usage is quite motivating for foreign language learners. It is worth mentioning that this free English to Albanian Dictionary and Translator app may be used both offline and online. It’s not a concern even if you don't have internet on your device, as you can easily use its offline settings and translate any word you need. If you want to translate a whole sentence or a text, the app will lead you to its online section and will give you quite correct translation. So, it is both an offline and online dictionary.
Our bilingual motivating dictionary app has numerous outstanding features:
• It is possible to translate single words, phrases, as well as sentences and texts.
• While you are searching the word you want, the dictionary may offer you some other words or phrases containing the word you are looking for. This function helps to enrich your word stock with as many words as possible. Besides, if you type the word with some errors, it will immediately offer you the correct spelling.
• English to Albanian Dictionary and Translator app works not only offline but also online, thus widening translation possibilities.
• Take a photo of words, phrases, sentence or a text you are going to translate and the dictionary app will lead your scan to the online section and provide the most accurate translation. It is worth mentioning, that the online section of the dictionary translates texts and sentences as one unity, but not as a group of separate words.
• You have an opportunity to save phrases you like in the "Favorite" section of the app to go back to it later. You can also remove the saved vocabulary from there whenever you want.
• English to Albanian Dictionary and Translator app helps you to understand the meaning and usage of words better by presenting the relevant image. For example, when you are searching for the translation of the word «table», it translates the word into Albanian and shows a picture of a table. Due to this function, the user understands the word concept and remembers it more easily. Moreover, there is an opportunity of changing the image and choosing the one you like, when you want to save it in the «Favorite» section.
• It provides the correct pronunciation of the words to help you to learn the foreign language as effectively as possible and sound like a native speaker. It is possible to tap on the screen and listen to the most accurate pronunciation of the chosen word. You can also turn on the «AutoSpeak» function, which helps to listen to the pronunciation of the word without taping on the relevant button.
• The other amazing feature is the possibility of searching any word or phrase in Wikipedia or Google. For example, you type the word «pen», then choose the Wikipedia search, it will present you any information about «pen» from Wikipedia.
• This dictionary enables you to choose the font size you like.
• It is possible to manage your dictionary settings by turning them on or off.
• You can share it with your friends on Facebook, so that they can also learn English and Albanian with the help of this dictionary app.
So, don't miss the chance to download our Free Offline/Online English to Albanian Dictionary and Translator app right now and make your language learning process easier, faster and more enjoyable



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