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Enter income and expenses by clicking the round buttons (red for expense and green for income).
The time periods examined are the month and year.
Scroll contiguous time periods by sliding your finger back and forth on the screen.
Click on an item in the list of categories on the main screen to get access to the details of that category.
The app provides various reporting methods: a pie chart showing the percent breakdown of categories; a line chart indicating the progressive transactions balance over time; and a bar chart reporting the final balances of the previous periods.
categories are not fixed: they can be created, edited and deleted.
You can save a copy of the database on Google Drive using your Google account. This allows you to use the app on multiple devices by downloading from Google Drive the updated database.
You can create and print reports in PDF format.
Starting from the home screen and rotating the device in landscape position, you get the full list of transactions.
In this position you can make a full text search on the description field of the database.
Correct currency and date formats are automatically chosen according to the language set on your device.
In settings you can change the font size of the port and land lists, and of the categories list.
The application is designed to record transactions in the moment in which they are carried out without taking account of financial means of payment.



الإصدار: 2.0.6

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later


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