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Dr. Fabrizio Melfa, specialist in Food Science and Aesthetic Doctor, has been concerned for years of modern medicine Antiaging with early detection techniques, care and above all treatments Wellness of body and for the lifting of Medical Face.
Lecturer at the University of Pavia in the Master of Aesthetics Medicine and Wellness.
Since February 2014 is one of the 26 doctors in the world "ZO SKIN HEALTH FACULTY DELEGATE WITH ALL THE PRIVILEGES TO THERE pertaining", with direct appointment he made California the Founder and Medical Director Prof. Zein E. Obagi
Dr. Fabrizio Melfa is founder of MediAging, polyclinics medical studies with various locations. He has developed what it calls MediAging Program which consists of a program of diagnosis, evaluation and treatment using specific treatments to 360 ° being.
It 'a path designed for the patient's well-being, using those medical activities within the framework of Nutrition, the diet therapy, aesthetic medicine, of Antiaging skin, the Phlebolymphology, the laser therapy and also modern aspects related to genetics.
All this is put in place at studies Specialist doctors presenting the latest in a position to guarantee the patient technologies and sophisticated equipment one of the highest quality standards of performance and service in a comfortable environment and in full respect of privacy.
With the App of Dr. Fabrizio Melfa you can discover Beauty treatments involving the Face and Body, knowing the Diagnostic Testing and other services offered by our Doctors Studies of Milan, Palermo, Catania, Bologna, Termini Imerese, Castelvetrano and Gela.
You will get a preview of the latest news of Mediaging Program and to be informed about events organized.
You will also have the opportunity to easily reach via the geo Map Doctors Studies where he received Dr. Fabrizio Melfa and easily book a tour in the Studio near you, always having in a Click all contacts of the Medical Staff Office.
What are you waiting for....??? immediately download the App and Melfa Dr. Fabrizio is always informed about the latest news in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Dietetics !!!



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