Faine Misto 2018

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Faine Misto music festival, as with other “towns”, was not built all at once. The first memories date from 2013, when a few friends at a party decided to create their own music festival, to be known as – Territory of Free People! At the beginning, Faine Misto was held on Chaika Island at the Taras Shevchenko Park in Ternopil. But who can hold free people to one place? In 2014, Faine Misto moved to the airport “Ternopil”. Every year, the town was growing, and the number of its citizens too. In 2017, it was decided to move the town to the hippodrome. The number of Faine People had grown from 1500 in the first year, to 16,000 unique visitors over four days in 2017.
2018 is a special year for Faine Misto. From now on, this is not only a place where you can escape from routine. Now it’s a real megalopolis, with streets, squares, and gathering places with unique locations and architecture. This is the dream town of Faine People, a place that fills with energy, and gives freedom and an unforgettable experience. From now on, it’s a big self-organized center, where everyone who wants to, can join the development of the festival. Now, every visitor is not only observer, but a real citizen of Faine Misto – Territory of Free People.



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