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Messi or Ronaldo? Both are indeed undoubtedly amongst the world's best in football. However, the question remains. Who has natural flair? Who is the real star?
Heated arguments flared by fake statistics have only increased frustration and fury. Nothing seems reliable anymore. Worry no more.
For all you ardent fans out there, we present to you the ultimate app that allows you to not just vote for your favourite player but also provide you with a remarkably reliable vote count.
No loopholes, no discrepancies involved.
Download, vote and find out for yourself, the real star!
Neymar said very recently: 'I'm the best player in the world. Ronaldo and Messi belong to another planet!'
That's what both of them are, even in the eyes of the best world players!
While both are a shining example on their own, who is the one that gets your adrenaline pumping ? Who is the one you would literally KILL for? Have you been longing to know who the world stands by? Who the universe vouches for?
You could break each other's heads over this, or download Fanfight.
Be fair. Cast your vote. Unveil the star.



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