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Do you worry about losing your car in huge parking lots or after parking your car in unfamiliar areas?
Find My Car is powerful car finder app that does not require maps or a network connection. Use your phone's GPS capabilities to navigate back to your car or any other location previously visited.
Choose from four navigation systems including:
A dynamic destination-pointing compass. Simply follow the arrow to locate your car.
Internet not required
Maps showing the route back to your parked vehicle.
Pulse Wavefront Radar. A pseudoradar pulse illuminates the position of your car. When the car is at the center of the target you have found your car!
Internet not required
GPS Reflected Pseudoradar. You are at the center of the radar screen. Your car will glow when hit by the radar sweeper. Keep walking until your car joins you at the center of the screen.
Internet not required
We have loaded the app with all kinds of extras to entertain as well as navigate!
Finding your parked car has never been easier or more fun.
Please note:
Find My Car is used to find your car after you park it in unfamiliar areas, large parking lots or elsewhere. We cannot find your lost car if it has been stolen.
** Another GPS Navigation app from DS Software, makers of Polaris Navigation GPS



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