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Safety technology from First Mall - Your ABUS expert.
Security Technology Online shop you ABUS products for safety of household and commercial, for example, access control, alarm systems, video surveillance and mechanical door and window security.
As the crime statistics shows happened in Germany every four minutes a burglary in an apartment or house - even in broad daylight. The number of burglaries increased by nine percent now, the criminals are always unabashed: Family houses are specifically observed and exploited the short-term absence of the occupants.
Go actively against it before! With few effective means you can create a high level of security. Proven burglaries are terminated as soon as the burglar can not reach within a few minutes in the object.
As the exclusive distributor of the renowned manufacturer ABUS we offer various security technology ranging from ABUS door cylinder to complete ABUS alarm. Take advantage of our interesting comments on the individual product categories in order to learn about the latest and best safety standards.
To see the range ABUS window security important information on vulnerability of conventional window representing experience shows that burglars no big hurdle. With effective additional fuses, such as lockable window handles, the blinds fuses or the hinge side backup, you can effectively remedy.
Even your insurance company attaches great importance to the ABUS door security, in particular for entrance doors, the possibilities are enormous. Security fittings, reinforced bolt, stable locks and door cylinders are presupposed basic equipment to be protected by the home insurance against burglaries.
With ABUS alarm systems and wireless alarm systems to ensure effective deterrence or direct call to the police, intruders should arrive in your house. Moreover, you can protect with ABUS fire alarm systems themselves from the fatal consequences of a fire.
Perfect your safety technology with an ABUS video surveillance exactly holds, who is when access to the protected premises procured. You will find all the necessary components, such as various cameras and network recording systems for a complete network with us.
To help you plan your security measures, we have the various product groups, security divided home and ABUS Locking for residential and commercial-in the areas ABUS object security. So you can effectively give an overview of the various options, and develop strategies to improve safety. Note effectively acquire our detailed illustrated ABUS-sale promotions to high-quality technology.
Of course you can use our telephone support available if you have questions or problems. Benefit from our years of experience on the subject of security - we will be professional, competent and reliable.
First Mall security - Your partner for ABUS products



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