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Walk, run, ride: FitGain is the App that records physical activity from your favorite app and turns it into reward points to get discounts on many products for fitness and more!
If fitness tracker uses as Runkeeper, Google Fit or Moves download FitGain: will synchronize with the apps you use and the calories burned during your physical building activity will turn into bonus points.
Reach one of the thresholds provided for score and convert into discount coupon to spend in the shop dedicated.
Buy the products you want at unique prices just by entering the discount code obtained. Premia your physical activity!
With FitGain can also find out your contribution to the environment Compare how much CO2 savings with your activities with respect to the community of members.
FitGain considers the main activities such as running, cycling, walking and identifies with "Other" activities monitored by the various apps, excluding the daily caloric contribution expressed as basal metabolism.
Key features:
- Receive data directly from the app selected as a fitness tracker (now Runkeeper, Google Fit and Moves, it will soon be possible to use other tracking applications)
- A system for calculating the CO2 saved
- Sharing on Facebook and given homage points
- Monthly Calendar with the list of activities and daily details
- Management of the coupon to be used on the online shop to get exclusive discounts on a dedicated e-shop
Supported services for importing data:
Currently the services of the following third-party apps are supported: Runkeeper, Google Fit and Moves. For the proper functioning requires the presence and use of one of them on your smartphone. It is not allowed to connect simultaneously with FitGain more than one third-party app.
Disclaimer and information on the source of the data:
All data used by FitGain come from physical assets recognized from compatible third-party app, any malfunctions, inability to retrieve data or other factor that implies an incorrect connection to the service will result in incorrect calculation of the points on FitGain.
BitPurple is not responsible for inconsistencies between the data collected by third-party app and really user activities.



الإصدار: 1.3

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.4 or later


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